Oral Rinses For Healthy Children’s Teeth In Phoenix

Oral Rinses For Healthy Children's Teeth In Phoenix

Some pediatric dentists in the Phoenix area are advising Nevada parents to have their child use an oral rinse that contains fluoride. This has caused some parents to wonder if the use of an oral rinse is helpful for tooth decay prevention even if the child is taking a fluoride supplement.

The answer to that, according to my Phoenix children’s dentist, is ‘Yes’. Why?

Fluoride supplements (usually only recommended if the municipal water is not fluoridated) help the teeth that are still forming in the jaw. Oral rinses, however, protect the teeth that have already come in. Fluoride supplements combined with an oral rinse strengthen all teeth: both baby and adult teeth.

OTC fluoride rinses (like ACT) can aid in children’s tooth decay prevention in Phoenix. Phoenix dentists recommend kids swish the rinse around in their mouth after they brush and floss. The solution should be the last thing to touch their teeth before going to bed.

I am Karin Peterson, a children’s health advocate in Phoenix and Power Squares representative.
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